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College of Medicine and MBBS Program
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College of Medicine

know more about the college and MBBS program, please click http://yxy.ctgu.edu.cn/

Online Learning Program:

Pathology(病理學)   Human Anatomy(人體解剖學)  

Histology &Embryology(組織學與胚胎學)Biochemistry(生物化學)

Introduction to the College:

In CTGU, more than 1000 teachers engage in medical education, among whom 500 are professors, over 200 have doctor’s degree, and some are provincial top teachers, famous doctors or national level experts and scholars. There are more than 200 Ph.D supervisors and postgraduate supervisors. Currently, there are over 2500 full-time undergraduates, 300 postgraduates and more than 500 international students.

TheCollegeof Medical Scienceis the first-batch offer provider in 5 undergraduate majors in China's three-batch recruitment system.Medicalimageologyis the nationalfeaturedprogram;clinical medicine is the provincialbrandprogram; biochemistry is the national level excellent course; anatomy and immunology are provincial level excellent courses. The college has a provincial level teaching team of morphology and provincial level experiment teaching demonstration base of foundation medicine and clinical skill training. The college also possesses 2 national level and 32 provincial level standardized training bases for resident doctors.

In the recent five years, the college has hosted 80 projects ofNational Natural Science Foundation of Chinaand obtained over 30 scientific and technologic awards by the provincial government.

CTGU’s medical education has made great progress in talent education, scientific research and disciplineconstruction, and has contributed much to the development of regional economy and medical and health services over the decades.

Introduction to International Students’Education:

In 2004, the college enrolled the first batch of international students of clinical medicine. In 2011, the college was granted thequalificationto recruit international students majored in MBBS (English medium) by Ministry of Education of China. In 2013, CTGU became the demonstration base of international students’education by Ministry of Education of China.

Through more than ten years’exploration and efforts, now the college owns a set of complete management system, anexcellentteaching team and characteristic talents training mode,whichis showcase of CTGU’s educationinternationalization.

Thecollege is equipped with excellent medical facilities for teaching,and has four teaching hospitals with titles ofthe first class in the third level ( third level means top level),arranges exclusive multimedia classrooms forinternationalstudents.The library collectsthe reference books relatedtothe medicalteaching in English versions over 13800and renewsevery year tomeet therequirements of teachers and students.

At the same time, the complete management system and cleardivision of responsibilities ensure the education quality of overseastudents.

The courses of MBBS are delivered in English by excellentteachers who have the international education background andmuchexperience in teachinginternationalstudents. Meanwhile, someexternal experts and professors are invited to teachsome theoreticalcourses.

The college also paysgreatattention to students' practical abilitytraining and arranges many experiment courses by takingadvantages of the rich experiment and practice platform resources.Teaching hospitals have standardized management and are strict with students’pre-internship and internship.

Up to now, the CTGU graduates’passing rate of medical licensingexaminationheld in their motherlands or the third country is over 85%.

The current medical education team is composed of 9 teaching units:

College of Medical Science

First Teaching Hospital of Clinical Medicine (Yichang CentralHospital)

Second Teaching Hospital of Clinical Medicine (Renhe Hospital)

Third Teaching Hospital of Clinical Medicine (Gezhouba CentralHospital)

People's Hospital of CTGU(First People's Hospital in Yichang City)

SecondPeople's Hospital of CTGU(SecondPeople's Hospital in Yichang City)

College of Chinese Traditional Clinical Medicine, CTGU(Chinese Traditional Medicine Hospital in Yichang City)

College of Maternal and Children’s Clinical Medicine, CTGU (Maternal and Children’s Hospital in Yichang City)

Public Health Institute, CTGU (Center for Disease Prevention andControl in Yichang City)

5 Undergraduate Programs:

MBBS (Provincial Brand Program)

Medical Imageology (National Featured Program and ProvincialBrand Program)

Traditional Chinese Medicine



4 Master’s ConferrableSpots:

Basic Medicine (superordinate discipline, academic)

Clinical Medicine (superordinate discipline, academic)

Clinical Medicine (superordinate discipline, professional)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (superordinate discipline, professional)

Research Platforms:

National Third Level Laboratoryof TCM Pharmacology Research

Hubei Provincial Key Laboratoryof Tumor Microenvironment and Immunotherapy

Hubei Provincial Key Laboratoryof Natural Products’ Research and Utilization

Institute of Molecular Biology, CTGU

Institute of Neoplasm, CTGU

Institute of Hepatopathy, CTGU

Center of Experimental Animals, CTGU

Bachelor of Medcine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

This program is to cultivate the undergraduate students to develop social medical knowledge,standardized clinical skills, and an appropriate professional attitude, and to lay the foundation for theirfurther studies in medical practice, medical research, health administration, etc. The students of thisprogram will mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of medicalscience, and have the basictraining of diagnosing, treating and preventing human diseases. They should be able to analyze anddistinguish the reason and mechanism of common human diseases. The graduates are supposed toengage in diseases prevention and the work of clinical medicine.  


Qualification Awarded: MBBS

Faculty: College of Medical Science

Teaching language: English

Duration: 5+1 years

Start date: September


Key Courses:










Internal Medicine






Forensic Medicine


Wang Yanlin

M.D., Professor of Molecular Biology. Prof. Wang obtained his M.D. degree in Peking Union Medical College in 1995. After that, he studied as a post-doctor and worked as a faculty member in Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (USA) during 1996-2005. He is now the doctoral and master's supervisor in CTGU and the director of Hubei Key Laboratory of Tumor Microenvironment and Immunotherapy. Prof. Wang has been engaged in cancer research for 25 years, undertaken3projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, published more than 200 importantresearchpapers and 6 scientific books. He teaches5medical-related courses for medicine graduates, undergraduates and oversea students and is widely welcomed by students due to the high teaching quality.

Li Zhihong

associate professor, master’s supervisor, head of Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She received her M.D. degree from Sun Yat-sen University and conducted postdoctoral research in University of Pittsburgh in USA. Biochemistry (taught in English for international students) was awarded“Excellent Course for International Students”by Ministry of Education in 2013.She won the title of "Excellent teacher" and is one of the "Best Teachers in the Eyes of International students”at CTGU. Shewas awardedtwoFirstClass Prizes forteaching achievementsat CTGU. She haspublished overtwentyresearcharticles,and edited two textbooks (editor in chief).Her research interests: molecular biology ofcancer.


Associate Professor, Doctor degree of Oncology,headof pathology departmentofCollege of Medical Scienceof CTGU.Deputy director of the division of Pathology, Yichang Medical Association. Professor Huang is mainly engaged in pathology teaching for undergraduates, international students and postgraduate students since 2004.

Research field: pathogenesis of cancer and mechanism study of anti-cancer drugs. She isthe key member of 4 NSFC project and other 9 scientific foundation of Hubei province, she is also the project host of 3 scientific foundation of Hubei province. She had 36 public publications (first author or Corresponding author of 25 public publications). In 2010, she did one yearvisiting research in KUMC (medical center of Kansas university).

Professor Huang is willing to spend a lot of time and energyoncourses preparation. Dueto her devotion in teaching,shemakesthe boring and abstract professional knowledge as vivid and simple as possible. She alsopays greatattention to educatingand directingstudents at the same time. She triesinnovative ways toimprove teaching effects.

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