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University leaders welcomed the Spring Festival with the international teachers and students
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The old year is gone while the new year is coming. On the morning of new year‘s Eve, Huang Yingping, the vice president of China Three Gorges University came to the apartment of international students to send blessings to the international teachers and students staying in campus and celebrated the new year with them. Leaders of the College of International Communications and Logistics Group participated in the new year's greetings.


President Huang went into the dormitories of international teachers and students, and extended greetings and sincere wishes to all the students on behalf of the university. He brought them a gift package for the Spring Festival and pasted the Chinese character“?!?(good fortune) with them. He talked with them and ask them whether they prepare enough daily supplies and whether they had any difficulties in life. At the same time, Mr. Huang also met the apartment managing staff who had stuck to their posts during this vacation. He thanked them for their contribution to the education of international students in China in the past year.


Teachers and students are very grateful for the university’s concern. They used fluent Chinese to send blessings to the teachers. They said that teachers made them feel the strong flavor of Chinese New Year in a foreign land.


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