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CTGU International students Visiting Songzi!
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CTGU International students Visiting Songzi


On June 11, the “View of China” Research Society for international students of China Three Gorges University was officially established, and the new members were organized to conduct the first research activity at Lumileds Technology Hubei Co., Ltd. in Songzi City, Hubei Province, to investigate the development of foreign-funded enterprises in China and to understand the new process of China’s reform and opening up.






On behalf of the management team of Lumileds Technology, Mr. Ronald, CEO of the company, warmly welcomed the visiting and introduced the basic situation, development history, operation and management of the company in detail. The company’s technical personnel carried out on-site teaching on lean production, TPM, 6SIGMA and quality integration into production, concentrating on three main concepts of “internationalization, technology leading and building comprehensive strength”. The atmosphere was warm and interaction was frequent.


In the afternoon, the international student members also visited the company. With fine layout, automatic production line, intelligent equipment, professional staff, and the corporate culture of integration of Chinese and the Western style, the international students felt the unique mode of introducing and supporting the development of foreign-funded enterprises in China. The first research activity of the research society for international students drew a successful conclusion.


The purpose of this research society is to provide help to outstanding international students to study and inspect China from the perspectives of politics, economy, culture, society and ecological civilization, through getting close to the credible, lovely and respectable images about China. According to the principle of voluntariness, international students can become members of the research society only after being recommended in writing by the teachers of their colleges and passed the comprehensive investigation of the College of International Communications. In the first phase, there were 15 international students from 7 countries. In the later period, the research society will continue to help international students understand the real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China through their own views, experiences and feelings, and guide international students to support and practice the concept which refers to a community of shared future for mankind by organizing thematic lectures, salons, reading clubs, visits and investigation and other activities.



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