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The Commencement 2021 was held successfully!
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China Three Gorges University held the Commencement 2021 for International Students successfully


The Commencement 2021 for international students of China Three Gorges University was held in the Qiusuo Lecture Hall on 29th, June. 106 undergraduates, masters and doctors from 28 countries attended this commencement. It is broadcast live online to overseas graduates, parents of graduates and alumni who are unable to enter China due to the epidemic.

CTGU President, He Weijun and Vice President, Huang Yingping attended the commencement. Leaders of relevant departments and colleges, international student counselors, representatives of international student teachers, alumni representatives and all international graduates attended the commencement. The commencement was presided over by Zhang Guanghua, Dean of the College of International Communications.


President He Weijun gave a wonderful speech named Shared Future, Same World. He extended warm congratulations to the students of 2021 who have successfully completed your studies, expressed gratitude to the teachers, alumni and guests on the spot, expressed sincere wishes to the graduates at home and abroad who watch our graduation ceremony online, and expressed heartfelt thanks to all the teachers who have worked hard for the cultivation of all graduates. In his speech, he praised the spontaneous establishment of anti-epidemic volunteer service teams by International students, represented by Ghanaian graduate AMOH and Liberian graduate KENT during the fight of COVID-19, and expressed his appreciation for their behavior of staying on campus to persist in stopping the epidemic and guard the safety of the teachers and students with practical actions.


President He Weijun pointed out that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. During the period of studying in China, international students witnessed the great practice of the Communist Party of China in leading the Chinese people to develop the economy and eradicate poverty. He hoped international student graduates can share what they have seen and heard in China with family and friends when you return home, so that people all over the world can know the truest, three-dimensional and comprehensive China through you. He hoped that international students can become aspiring young people who know China, find their friendship in China and love China, hoped them will be friendly messengers for cultural exchanges and communication between China and foreign countries and hoped them will practice the concept of a community of shared future for mankind.

At the commencement, Zhang Guanghua informed the graduates and degree awards of the 2021 International Students from CTGU. Liu Ping read out the Decision on Awarding 2021 Outstanding International Student Graduates of China Three Gorges University. Xi Jing read out the Decision on Employing 2021 “Alumni Ambassadors” from International Students of China Three Gorges University, and Vice President Huang Yingping read out the Notice on the establishment of the “Touching China” Research Society for International Students of China Three Gorges University and presented flags and books to the first batch of members.


The speaker of alumni representatives, PRIDE ASAANCHIRE TABUFOR who loves Chinese and Chinese culture now is an abroad business manager in a foreign trade company in Shenzhen after graduation. He quoted President Xi Jinping’s words in his lecture to share with graduates. He said that everyone shouldn’t blame themselves, blame others, give up confidence or evade responsibility when meeting difficulties. Everyone should overcome difficulties together. History is created by the brave. With personal experience, he suggested that students should be proud of their alma mater, love their parents, persist in their work and study, and care about their alma mater and classmates.

The teachers’ representative, Yang Xiongbo who is a famous teacher of CTGU and an expert in teaching in Hubei Province, the undergraduates’ representative, AKWASI AMOH MENSAH from the college of Electrical and New Energy, the masters’ representative, BINOD PRASAD BHATTARAI from school of Law and Public Administration also gave speeches.


The parents’ representative, Peyman Daneskar who is the president of Alberta University of Applied Science and Technology, Iran, gave a speech online. He thanked CTGU for training his child; he was very satisfied with the progress made by child in university and in China, and highly recognized the quality of CTGU training and the development and big changes in China.

President He Weijun conferred certificates to every International graduate, set their tassels straight and took photos with them.



International students sang the Chinese song “聽我說,謝謝你” to express the gratitude and affection to China and alma mater at the end.




Overseas graduates, graduates’ parents and overseas alumni watched the commencement of international students online, and other universities, citizens and other people are attracted to watch it. The popularity of the direct seeding continued to rise, with more than 100,000 views. Some local time for overseas graduates is early morning or mid-night, but they were still waiting to watch, leaving messages to praise and express their deep gratitude to CTGU.

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