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                Bachelor of Computer and Communications Engineering in English Medium
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                Program Introduction:

                We are keeping improving our opening and globalization of the higher education, and this specialization the computer science and communication technology is depended on our platform of "Ministry of Education-ZTE ICT Industry and Education Innovation Center ". Basing on the daily training of the computer and communication technology, we want to enhance the core ability of engineering practice for our students, make them own the professional quality, and we are always trying to meet the needs of the information and communication industry. The target of this specialization is that our international students have the basic theory of this field, they can get the modern technology, they will have the strong engineering practice ability, they will know the knowledge of Chinese culture, they will obtain the professional knowledge, they will have the sense of innovation, they will have a strong sense of social responsibility as well. After graduation, we hope our students are the ones who have the character of “High quality, strong ability, and application-oriented”, they can understand China, love China and are friendly to China, they can do some research and design in the information field, and they can do the work on the manufacturing and maintenance of equipment, as well as network operations and management, they can also take the role in the development and application of other industries related to the information technology.

                Key Courses:          

                1.         Advanced Mathematics

                2.         Fundamentals of Physics

                3.         Data Structures

                4.         Fundamentals of Circuit

                5.         Electronic Technology

                6.         Programming Language C

                7.         Microcomputers

                8.         Computer Networks,

                9.         Communication Principle

                10.     Principle and Design of Embedded System

                11.     Program Design of Mobile Intelligent Terminal


                1. 18-25 years old; a foreign passport holder;

                2. Chinese Friendly; in good physical and mental health; hardworking; academic excellence

                3. High School Certificate in relevant discipline
                4. Proficiency in English, with good English skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

                5. The applicant who masters basic Chinese language skill will be preferred.

                Online Application Link: http://lsx.ctgu.edu.cn/

                Application Documents:

                1. Completed online application form with the applicant’s signature
                2. Passport copy (Photo Page of a valid passport)
                3. Copies of the visa page and residence permit if the applicant is in China
                4. High School Certificate (A Notarized Copy in English or Chinese language should be attached if the originals are not in English or Chinese)

                5. Academic Transcript (A Notarized Copy in English or Chinese language should be attached if the originals are not in English or Chinese)

                6. Certificate of Physical Examination
                7. Bank statement or affidavit of financial support
                8. A video clip of self-introduction in English within 5 minutes.

                Duration: 4 years  

                Tuition Fee: 10000 RMB/Year(Accommodation, Insurance and Registration fees are excluded )

                Scholarship: One Year tuition scholarship

                You will be offered the Hubei Provincial Scholarship 10000 RMB for the first year. It is to be mentioned that from the 2nd year you are required to pay all the fees on your own..

                Contact Information

                College of Computer Science and Information Technology, China Three Gorges University

                Address8 University Avenue, Yichang 443002, Hubei Province, P.R. China

                ContactMr.Peng Wenbiao  Ms.Li Li


                E-mail51219905 @qq.com   54746471@qq.com  



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