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                Bachelor of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing & Automation in English Medium
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                Program Introduction:

                International engineering talents training pattern is employed in this major, that mathematical foundation is attached great importance, and a variety of international advanced teaching modes is applied, as well Chinese culture is also included intentionally, to cultivate cross-cultural and competitive international talents.

                This major will cultivate advanced engineering and technical talents, who are adapted to modern industry and future science & technology development. They have innovative spirits and abilities to analysis and solve problem, and also know and love China and Chinese Culture well.  

                The major students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing and automation, and receive basic training of modern mechanical engineers. They have basic ability to engage in mechanical design, manufacturing, equipment control and production organization and management.

                Employment direction: engaged in department of mechanical systems and product research and development, manufacture, operation, maintenance and management work in mechanical engineering field..

                Key Courses:          

                1.         Advanced Mathematics I (1)(2)

                2.         Linear Algebra I

                3.         Probability and Statistic I

                4.         College Physics I (1)(2)

                5.         Physics Experiment

                6.         Mechanical Drawing II/II

                7.         Surveying and Mapping of Mechanical Spare Parts

                8.         Interchangeability and Measuring Technique

                9.         Mechanical Engineering Materials

                10.     Modeling Technique Fundamentals of Materials

                11.     Engineering mechanics

                12.     Engineering Thermodynamics

                13.     Introduction of Mechanical Engineering

                14.     Production Management

                15.     Electrotechnics IIII/II

                16.     Fundamentals of Mechanical Design

                17.     Control Fundamentals of Engineering

                18.     Testing Technology of Engineering

                19.     Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology

                20.     Hydraulic Drive and Control

                21.     Fundamentals of electromechanical

                22.     CNC Technology

                23.     Mechanical Manufacturing processing of components

                24.     Fundamentals of CAD/CAM

                25.     Engineering Software Practice

                26.     ProjectIndividual


                1. 18-25 years old; a foreign passport holder;

                2. Chinese Friendly; in good physical and mental health; hardworking; academic excellence

                3. High School Certificate in relevant discipline
                4. Proficiency in English, with good English skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

                5. The applicant who masters basic Chinese language skill will be preferred.

                Online Application Link: http://lsx.ctgu.edu.cn/

                Application Documents:

                1. Completed online application form with the applicant’s signature
                2. Passport copy (Photo Page of a valid passport)
                3. Copies of the visa page and residence permit if the applicant is in China
                4. High School Certificate (A Notarized Copy in English or Chinese language should be attached if the originals are not in English or Chinese)

                5. Academic Transcript (A Notarized Copy in English or Chinese language should be attached if the originals are not in English or Chinese)

                6. Certificate of Physical Examination
                7. Bank statement or affidavit of financial support
                8. A video clip of self-introduction in English within 5 minutes.

                Duration: 4 years  

                Tuition Fee: 15000 RMB/Year(Accommodation, Insurance and Registration fees are excluded )

                Scholarship: One Year Tuition scholarship

                You will be offered 15000 RMB from the Hubei Provincial scholarship fund and CTGU Scholarship fund for the first year; It is to be mentioned that from the 2nd year you are required to pay all the fees on your own.


                Contact Information

                College of Mechanical & Power Engineering

                Address8 University Avenue, Yichang 443002, Hubei Province, P.R. China

                ContactMs. Wang Ying or Mr.Du Xuan


                E-mail307238710@qq.com   xdu@ctgu.edu.cn


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