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                CAMPUS CULTURE
                Office Software Application Ability Competition
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                “OFFICE TALENT"


                Office Software Application Ability Competition forInternational Students


                競賽背景 Activity Background


                With the development of the information age, proficiency in the operation of office software is no longer a special skill, but a basic ability that must be possessed in university learning and job hunting after graduation.

                競賽目的 Activity Purpose


                The purpose and significance of the activity is to enrich the winter vacation life of international students, stimulate students' interest in learning, improve their ability in computer applications, enhance their sense of competition and future employment competitiveness, and at the same time let students realize the correct use of computers, and guide students to use computers correctly.

                參賽對象 Participants


                All the current international students of China Three Gorges University. Your current location (whether you are in university or in your own country) will not affect your participation.

                比賽形式 Competition Form

                比賽分為初賽和決賽兩輪進行, 均通過線上形式進行。初賽根據統一下發的操作任務書,線下自主完成常用辦公軟件上機實踐操作,并在規定時間內提交,以Word,Excel、PPT等基本操作為主要內容,注重考查同學們對于Office常用辦公軟件的了解和認識運用。決賽采取作品制作的形式,由主辦方給通過初賽的選手一篇報告性的文章,由選手自行制作PPT并就該文章進行在線講解。

                The competition has two rounds, including preliminary and final, both are conducted online. In the preliminary competition, according to the uniformly issued operating tasks, the offline practical operation of commonly used office software was completed independently and submitted within the specified time. The tasks include basic operations such as Word, Excel, PPT, etc., focusing on examining students’ understanding and application of common softwares of Office. The final takes the form of work production. The organizer will give a report article to the contestants who have passed the preliminary contest, and the contestants will make a PPT and explain the article online.

                比賽時間 Key dates






                Registration: January 29-February 5, 2021

                Preliminary task issue: February 5, 2021

                Deadline for submission of preliminary results: February 22, 2021

                Announcement of preliminary results and final task issue: February 23, 2021

                Final Presentation and results announcement: March 2, 2021 (evening)

                       競賽獎勵 Prizes and Awards


                一等獎1名: 300元購物卡,榮譽證書;

                二等獎2名: 200元購物卡,榮譽證書;

                三等獎3名: 100元購物卡,榮譽證書;

                優秀獎若干名: 50元購物卡,榮譽證書。

                According to the performance of the preliminary and final competitions, finally we will give a ranking and decide the prizes. The competition consists of four awards: the first prize, the second prize, the third prize and the participation award.

                First prize: 300RMB shopping card & Certificate (1 person)

                Second prize: 200RMB shopping card & Certificate (2 people)

                Third prize: 100RMB shopping card & Certificate (3 people)

                Participation award: 50RMB shopping card & Certificate (several)

                圖片      報名方式 Registration method


                For more details scan the QR code to register with your information. Deadline for registration - February 5, 2021


                scan the QR code


                College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, CTGU


                College of International Communications, CTGU


                January 29, 2021



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