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                CAMPUS CULTURE
                Short Video Competition on “Water Culture” for CTGU International Students
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                Short Video Competition on “Water Culture” for CTGU International Students


                Activity purpose:


                Insisting on harmony between human and water, this activity aims to build ecological civilization together.



                Activity theme:


                In order to carry on the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s speech on water governance in the new era, as well as sticking to the national “Belt and Road” initiative, we take the initiative to build a “water culture” exchange platform for international students in China, so the college of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering of China Three Gorges University launched a “water culture” short video competition for all international students staying in the winter vacation. The video contest is designed to enable international students to experience the vitality of water, and at the same time, it helps to deepen the sense of “saving and protecting water resources, and the importance of building a water ecological civilization”. We aim to cultivate the social sense of responsibility on “water-friendly, water-loving, water-saving, and water-protecting”.



                Activity oriented:


                All the international students staying at China Three Gorges University during winter vacation, regardless of grade and major.



                Activity schedule:








                1)The collection stage

                1. Registration time for the collection of works: February 3, 2021-February 22, 2021

                2. Requirements:

                (1) Work format: AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WMV are all available;

                (2) The length of the work: 180s- 300s;

                (3) Resolution of the work: the resolution should be more than 720576 (if you use a mobile phone, please adjust to the highest resolution);

                (4) The content of the work: active and healthy, with strong attractiveness; closely related to “water culture”; the video location should be around the school as far as possible; if the condition is not available, participants can take the form of “picture + commentary” to make short videos; Works must be originally produced by themselves, and plagiarism is strictly prohibited.








                2) Rules and standards

                The judges are composed of relevant experts. Based on the principle of“fairness, impartiality and openness,” they will give scores according to the following criteria (full score is 100):

                (1) The form is novel and creative, 30 points;

                (2) The content is relevant and easy to understand, 30 points;

                (3) Beautiful picture and profound meaning, 20 points;

                (4) Expression is smooth and catching, 20 points.

                The final score of the contestants is the average score after removing the highest and lowest grades.



                Prizes and Awards

















                The competition consists of four awards: first prize, second prize, third prize and participation prize.

                First prize(5% of the participants):

                300 RMB ( cash or voucher) + Certificate

                Second prize(15% of the participants):

                200 RMB ( cash or voucher) + Certificate

                Third prize(25% of the participants):

                100 RMB( cash or voucher) + Certificate:

                Participation prize (several):

                Small gift+Certificate



                Concerning Matters in activities:








                (1) Not leave the Yichang city and be around the school when you shoot the video. Participants must pay attention to safety, take preventive measures against the epidemic, abide by laws and regulations, and return to school on time.

                (2) All design works shall not infringe the copyrights of others, or others’ reputation rights, portrait rights, name rights, etc. The author is responsible for any consequences brought about personal rights, work involving infringement, scientific, and political issues of the participant’s work

                (3) Put an end to all plagiarism, once been found out, you’ll be disqualified for the competition.

                (4) All works will not be returned after submission. Participants are requested to keep the original versions by themselves.

                (5) The organizer has the right to copy the work, the right of projection, the right of network communication and the right to compile the entries if needed.

                (6) The announcement period of the winners list is 7 days. Any objections must be raised in real-name written form with clear evidence, and clues must be provided. The jury will reply within one week after receiving the objections, the organizer shall maintain the confidentiality of the person making such report.

                (7) The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to the organizer.



                registration method



                (1) A group of 1-4 participants send the work to the official e-mail address of the competitionhydraulicctgu@163.combefore February 22,2021 (note: name of the work, name of each participant, student ID, college, Mobile phone number and WeChat ID should be covered in the body of email).

                (2) If you have any question, please scan the QR code





                College of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering

                College of International Communications

                China Three Gorges University

                February 3, 2021

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