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                CAMPUS CULTURE
                Learning Chinese efficiently together
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                Learning Chinese efficiently together

                The pronunciation of "疫(yi)起" is the same as "一(yi)起", and "疫" means epidemic . In order to better fit the current situation that people are troubled by the epidemic , "一" is replaced with "疫" to express the meaning that "we learn Chinese together during the epidemic".]


                "The whole world is learning Chinese, Confucius' words are becoming more and more international..." (lyrics) During the winter vacation, in the days of home quarantine, do you want to consolidate your Chinese learning and surprise your classmates with fluent Chinese next semester? Winter vacation is the golden time for us to learn Chinese. So, how to learn Chinese far away from the classroom? Next, we will recommend several easy-to-use Chinese learning apps to help you make rational use of your spare time, learn online efficiently and make rapid progress.




                It is a Chinese learning application similar to Rosetta stone tablet. The course is relatively complete (but it mainly focuses on grammar and vocabulary, not including pronunciation practice). It has a strong interface affinity. It is a application based on games, which aims to add fun to Chinese learning and facilitate beginners. In the U.S. area of Apple store, it has a high evaluation, and the breakthrough mode is similar to duolingo. It provides users with Chinese learning services, such as word picture recognition, tagging, Chinese character red tracing and tone recognition. Users can practice calligraphy in tagging according to the Chinese character stroke order prompted by the software. The application also provides memory card style exercises for learned Chinese characters and words.











                二、HSK Online


                HSK online not only uses big data analysis and AI Artificial Intelligence, but also has professional Chinese teaching and examination content to create a more intelligent Chinese learning journey.Enable you to learn faster and better.

                HSK Online不僅運用大數據分析、AI人工智能,還具有專業的中文教學、考試內容,開創更智能的中文學習之旅。讓你學的更快、學的更好。

                • Precision test: objective evaluation of HSK level

                • Personalized Customization: a unique Chinese learning journey

                • Optimize the learning process: focusing on improving the deficiencies in Chinese Learning

                • Communication and interaction: get professional Chinese Tutoring








                It has a powerful search engine, which can use Chinese characters, Pinyin or English to search words, and supports wildcard and full-text search functions. There is no need to switch dictionaries to look up words. Just input your searched words, and a comprehensive result list sorted by frequency will appear immediately. In addition, you can easily query the components of Chinese characters, split words into single words, query words with a certain word, or search all dictionaries to view example sentences.


                四、Skritter:Write Chinese


                Skritter has existed for more than 10 years. Whether you have a strong grasp of Chinese characters, want to remember Chinese characters better, or a beginner who doesn't know where to start, you can practice Chinese writing with skritter. It is said that the effect of practicing Chinese characters with this software is very good. In addition, it also takes into account the practice of pronunciation and meaning.


                The above four softwares cover the study of Pinyin, glyphs, idioms and other aspects. If they are used reasonably, we believe that everyone's Chinese ability will be improved comprehensively, so as to better adapt to the life of studying in Yichang.


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