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                CAMPUS CULTURE
                How To Better Understand Chinese Culture
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                How To Better Understand Chinese Culture During The Epidemic Period


                • Attending the meeting of Chinese and Chinese history


                With the increase of China's comprehensive national strength and international influence, the international "Chinese fever" wave after wave is set off. I believe that you who have been in China for a long time must have some interest in Chinese culture and history. Some foreign lectures on Chinese language and history are good choices.


                Chinese universities have already set up the major of Chinese language international education. Many famous universities, such as Beijing Normal University and Xiamen University, have already set up relevant public lectures. We have set up special educational skills and methods for foreigners' language learning and thinking, which can help foreign friends to open their minds and speed up their learning. Foreign friends who have a good command of the Chinese language and a deep interest in Chinese culture can attend lectures similar to《Hundreds of pulpit》, which are mostly set up for Chinese people.



                • Reading Confucian classics


                Confucian culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture.

                After the development and evolution in 2000, Confucian culture has constructed a complete ideological system, involving politics, education, morality and ethics, code of conduct, life skills and many other aspects, long-term cultivation of Chinese wisdom and soul, the formation of fixed thinking, psychology and survival mode, can be said to be deep-rooted.If you want to understand Chinese traditional culture deeply, reading Confucian classics is absolutely effective.

                儒家文化,是中國傳統文化中濃墨重彩的一筆歷經兩千年的發展演變,儒學文化構建起完整的思想體系,涉及政治、教育、道德倫理、行為準則、生活技藝等諸多方面,長期涵養國人的智慧和心靈,形成固定思維、心理以及生存模式,可謂根深蒂固,想要了解中國傳統文化 ,閱讀儒家經典絕對卓有成效。


                The Analects of Confucius, as the most authoritative work recording Confucius' thoughts and words and deeds, is the foundation of Confucianism.

                Its broad and profound cultural connotation has a great influence on our ideals, aspirations, goals in life and how to behave in the world.



                The theory of Mencius is not only pure and broad, but also extremely vigorous and beautiful. "Rich and noble can not be masturbated, poor and humble can not be moved, mighty can not be surrendered, this is called a man." Mencius himself has extraordinary spirit, and he often says, "I am good at nourishing my lofty spirit", which means to preserve the righteousness of heaven and earth, which is rare in the history of China for thousands of years.




                • If you usually have the habit of watching short videos when you are bored, I believe you will find the following amazing Chinese dance art.


                "Chinese Dance" is a "universal name" of Chinese classical dance and Chinese folk dance, which is often used by amateurs in particular. In the basic training, the training system of ballet is used for reference, and the techniques and techniques of hand, eye, body and step of opera martial arts are combined.Chinese dance still has unique national characteristics. The performance is very different from the technique and style of other dance styles.


                I believe everyone has a certain interest in Chinese dance. When you are at home during the epidemic, you may not be able to learn the highest level of Chinese dance in a short time, but you can also choose the right part to study according to the tutorial, and participate in the competition.



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