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                Love and protect your eyes
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                Love and protect your eyes


                Eyes are our lifelong companions. It is particularly important to keep eyes healthy."Love eye care, start from me", next we will from how to prevent myopia, how to choose myopia glasses and myopia correction three aspects to bring you into scientific eye care.


                How to prevent myopia如何預防近視

                Prevent myopia, work in peacetime. Here are some tricks to prevent myopia, let's take a look.


                (1) Myopia Prevention and Control 20-20-20 Principle: For nearly 20 minutes, look up at an object 20 feet (6 meters) away for 20 seconds to completely relax the lash muscles.


                (2) The best way to look far away to relax the lash muscles is to stare, try to stare at the farthest target, do not blink, last at least 10 seconds or more, until the target is a little blurred, eyes a little sour, and then can blink to rest. Have time to repeat a few more times, not a few minutes, but can better protect eye health.


                (3) Lack of sleep in children and adolescents will increase the probability of myopia, myopia Early.


                (4) At the same time turn on the table lamp, background lamp, environmental lamp can reduce eye fatigue, prevent myopia increase.


                How to choose myopia glasses.如何選擇近視眼鏡

                When buying glasses, to choose a regular professional mirror point, and to consider the following points to buy the right glasses for themselves.


                (1) The light is to be accurate.


                The photorescopy is the main basis for the mirror. The accuracy of the light examination is directly related to the success rate of the matching glasses. The first degree of optometum should be accurate, and the difference between the upper and lower should not exceed 12.5 degrees of the prescription for the mirror; Secondly, the astration axis should be accurate, and the general axial difference should be limited to positive and negative l 1 3 degrees; Again, the pitch should be accurate, requiring that the pitch be equal to the lens optical heart distance. If the photography does not pay attention to the above-mentioned clearance, the glasses made will appear blurred visual imaging, long-term visual fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and even the appearance of adverse reactions such as resention. Optomet testing is best to go to a professional ophthalmology hospital, children's optometum or the first time with glasses, must use scattered light, so as to be accurate.


                (2)Mirror selection.


                After the examination, you will take a good photo x-ray to the eyeglass shop with glasses. Note that the eyeglass shop has professional qualifications. In addition, the sophisticated shop will also measure the nose height, nose width, eye and ear distance, frame forward inclination, these are also indicators of whether the glasses wear comfortable. After wearing, it is recommended to try on, try on a longer time, in order to determine whether the glasses are suitable.


                (3) Mirror frame selection.


                The choice of frame is not only beautiful and good-looking, but also has a great relationship to whether the worn-in glasses can be worn correctly. Therefore, when selecting the frame, pay special attention to the pupil distance and the optical center of the spectacle lens should be placed in a suitable position, and should also match the face shape, so that the matching glasses are not only beautiful and generous, wear it will feel comfortable. How to choose the frame? After all, glasses are worn on the face, there is decorative effect, so still want to see whether it is suitable for their own face shape, in addition to light weight, the size of the frame to be suitable, it is best to measure the pitch, otherwise easy to produce squint and diagonal situation.


                (4)New mirror adaptation.


                Every time with new glasses, just put on when there will always be some dizziness, although the shop always said that this is normal, but in fact glasses must wear comfortable to be good, put on can not have obvious dizziness or visual deformation. Don't let the eyes fit the glasses, be sure to make the glasses fit our eyes.


                Correction of myopia.近視矯正

                The corrective methods of myopia are divided into three main categories:


                (1) The first category is to wear frame glasses, once found that the child appears true myopia should be timely to give your child frame glasses to correct vision. Frame glasses lenses are divided into a variety of types, a variety of functional lenses have their own advantages. The rate of myopia development can be controlled to some extent.


                (2) The second corrective method is to wear corneal plastic mirror, some children have myopia growth too fast or not suitable for wearing frame glasses, parents may consider wearing corneal plastic mirror for their children to control the development rate of myopia. At present, the most effective way to control the development rate of myopia clinically is to wear corneal plastic mirror.


                (3) The third method is surgical correction of myopia, but it is not suitable for minor period. You usually need to be at least18 years old before you think about it. Now the technology is also very advanced, has reached the stage of all-flying second laser surgery, in fact, the principle is to cut on the cornea or make a lens, so that parallel light into the eye after the focus falls on the retina, so you can see the distant things clearly.


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