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                CAMPUS CULTURE
                Learning is not attained by chance
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                Dashing through the journey of life, we accumulate patterns of knowledge and skills through learning. Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardour and attended with diligence. With the attitude of perseverance and consistency, our ambitions and goals can be attained through learning. It is scientifically proven that the subconscious mind works through the principle of repetition and consistency. To reprogram the mind for successful outcome, there is the need for adapting to an attitude of persistent learning.Just as life is a process, therefore,learning is also a processof acquiring new skills, understanding, knowledge, behaviors, values and attitudes.Mostly, learning may occur consciously or without conscious awareness but it is geared towards the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

                1Discoveries of Learning

                Greater understanding of the functioning and abilities of our brain allows us to constantly improve our learning to bring out productive results. As students, developing an habit of learning brings fulfillment to our future career, goals and ambitions. Let's explore some great discoveries about learning:

                1.Emotions influence the ability to learn:Most of the body's activities are controlled by our brain. Controlling or alleviating our emotions simultaneously may cause satisfaction of our learning to be deprived. Research demonstrates that our emotions affect everything from how we perceive information, how we pay attention to it, the way we remember it and how we solve problems. The worst emotional states for learning are feeling anxious, ashamed, depression and fear. These emotions activate the limbic system. Activation of limbic system interferes with how the memory generates.

                2.Mistakes and failures are essential part of Learning:Failure is build on the pillars of success. No one desires for failure but mistakes are essential to the learning process. We cannot allow failure to define us rather, we have to let failure teach us. Ignoring all odds and trying again through learning produces a greater outcome.

                3.Principle of consistency and Spaced-repetition:Spaced-repetition isthe idea that you space out learning so that you repeat something just before you would have forgotten it. It's the best way to optimize learning and remembering. The flashcards algorithm is a very suitable method for effective learning and retention. The brain operates on “use it or lose it" principle. If we don't utilize our brain essentially, we may tend to lose it.

                4.Cooperative learning:Collaborating with peersturns out to lead to muchbetter learning outcomes.This is reflected in brain imaging studies as well: when information is presented by other people in a multi-sensory way. Research has been proven that we learn information very effectively through social cues like recalling the words of others or emulating their actions.

                5.Learning happens best through teaching:Teaching others is one of the most effective methods of studying. Joseph Joubert once said,“To teach is to learn twice".Therefore, teaching others broadens your understanding more strategically than studying on your own.

                2Importance of learning

                Learning aids in the acquisition of knowledge and skills for the betterment of our lives and the world as a whole. Through learning, the society has given birth to prominent elite leaders like President Xi Jinping, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, France President Macron and many other personalities and leaders. Indeed, learners are the best leaders. Let's check out some reasons why learning is important:

                1.Income and Status growth:Learning is mostly geared towards fostering the growth of income and status. The knowledge and skills acquired through learning enhances our potential in the job market. It aids in finding satisfying jobs which ultimately result in growth of income and boost in our status.

                2.Builds up self-confidence:We tend to have assurance in our abilities and capabilities through learning. Learning offers enough fuel and zeal for us to showcase our abilities, knowledge and skills acquired to the world.When that individual meets other people in the course of life, he realizes that his knowledge and learning has been an asset that has accrued over time. This feeling acts as a necessary encouragement and helps to take his self-confidence to the next level.

                3.Achieving our goals:Every individual has goals and dreams. These goals can be unearthed through learning. An important fact about learning is that, it is a means to improve knowledge and gain skills that will help in reaching specific goals. One cannot learn everything in life hence, we must make sure that our focus is on a particular skill that will improve our chances. Be an expert in a certain field if you are looking for ways to reach your goals.

                4.Acquiring leadership qualities:Learners are the best leaders. Leadership is service to satisfy the needs of humanity. Learning boost our confident skills, communication skills, self-reliance and positive attitudes which cause us to portray leadership qualities in an abstract manner.

                3Tips for better learning habits

                1.Study in variety of conducive environments.

                2.Social media can be a distraction.

                3.Stay away from phone.

                4.Have an interval break during period of study.

                5.Take useful notes in class.

                6.Join or create study groups.

                7.Understand your learning style.

                8.Make study time as part of your daily routine.


                Prioritizing learning makes achievement of our goals and ambitions fulfilled by exhibiting attitude of consistency and perseverance. We are mostly what we feed our minds with therefore, let's work assiduously not to give up on learning but rather, going the extra mile and ignoring all odds.

                No pain, No gain!

                The 7thSession ISA,

                College of International Communications.

                China Three Gorges University.




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