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                CAMPUS CULTURE
                “The university in full blossom”
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                Notice on Soliciting Promotional Films (Pictures and Texts) on the Theme of “The university in full blossom”



                Dear all teachers and students:


                Spring March, the grass sprouts out of the earth. The new year has given birth to new vitality, and our beautiful campus has opened a gorgeous season of splendid flowers. In order to better show the excellent style of study, colorful education and teaching resources, high-quality achievements, and beautiful environment of our university to high school students, we specially collect campus promotional videos (pictures and texts) from teachers and students with the theme of “The university in full blossom”. In this season of peach blossoms, teachers and students can make promotional videos from multiple angles and diversification to display the daily life of our beautiful university.

                1、作品要求Work requirements



                It can be a short video, a text with beautiful pictures, or a live broadcast plan.

                There is no limit to the genre and content. It can be based on campus flowers scenery, or diversified campus study and life. It requires a high degree of artistry, appreciation and positiveness. Then content must be original, and shall not infringe other people’s intellectual property rights.

                2、提交要求Submission requirements


                Please send your work to 2920488153@qq.com before 17:00 on March 26th, and indicate the author’s information, including: name, student number, major, college and phone number. The faculty and staff should indicate your status, unit and phone number.

                3、獎項設置Awards setting



                Once the work is selected, the author will receive a prize of 300 yuan and an honorary certificate.

                The selection of works is jointly selected by the members of the Undergraduate Admissions and Publicity Working Group of China Three Gorges University. After the works are selected and released by the official platform, those who rank first in the number of reposts and likes will be awarded an additional bonus of 1000 yuan.

                聯系電話Contact number:6392665

                聯系人:王老師、劉老師contact: Teacher Wang, Teacher Liu



                Admissions and Employment Guidance Office

                March 15, 2021

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